We’re Live! Introducing Boldr Digital

Custom built websites made to deliver commercial success.

Bespoke Websites made 100% In-House

Based in Swansea, South Wales, we’re a passionate team delivering customer-focused projects that drive commercial success.

We already have a wide range of clients around the UK for which we produce exceptional creative work with outstanding results. 

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We work closely with our clients to identify their business goals & needs, creating bespoke websites and campaigns that directly communicate with their customers to ensure maximum ROI. Our skills and expertise span the digital space across web, SEO, PPC and design.

Since launching we’ve been trusted by amazing companies across a wide range of industries to deliver high-quality, customer lead projects. We love to chat about what we do and how we can help you grow, contact us.

What We Do

Bespoke Websites

Give your business the website it deserves.


Sell anything to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Supercharge your growth with addons for your website.


Packages to host, maintain and grow your new project.


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